go site For SBLC, BG products we request to receive the following information in order to review and approve the preference of the client :

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  1. KYC on the company placing funds in escrow
  2. Verbiage of the Pre Advice via either bank to bank email or Swift
  3. KYC on beneficiary party at Receiving bank
  4. Receiving bank details
  5. Purpose of the underlying transaction and project summary

enter We can arrange Proof of Funds service or SBLC. BG via :

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  1. Pre advice sent bank to bank email
  2. Pre advise via Swift bank to bank
  3. Actual delivery of the SBLC, BG or DLC via Swift bank to bank

see We would like to mention that issuing SBLC’s or BG’s for support on project funding via so-called monetization is in a lot of cases challenging as Clients appear not to do their Due Diligence properly and hence lose their escrow deposit. A lot of so-called monetizers do not perform. This is due to the fact that they don’t have the right credit facilities in place with their (receiving) bank or simply intend to use the Swift for other transactions not related to the Clients’ transaction. It is therefore advisable that you check your monetizer carefully.


http://foxtailfoods.com/?p=238 We offer our Proof of Funds and Collateral services from various companies based in Belize, Malta or the UAE..

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